A&N Foods is a company with a solid financial position, devoted for more than 15 years to co-manufacturing for world-class companies. We have professionals in food industry, with solid experience in Production, Quality, Research and Development (R & D),
Sales and marketing, we are aware of the needs of the target market.

Our Mission:
To fulfill the production requirements assigned by each company under strict quality control.

Our Vision:
To be recognized as a successful co-manufacturer, agile, innovative and with financial backing, able to change the dynamics of industry.

Our Values
Credibility in relations, as regards of business conduction.
Transparency in communications.
Health and safety for consumers.
Making things simple.

We have a diverse and versatile line of equipments, including different types of mixers, packaging and wrapping machines, sealing and weighing machines, metal detectors, QA, QC and logistical support that complement the requirements of a modern co-manufacturer in food industry.

Floor Space: 8,050 m2
Manufacturing: 4,000 m2
Warehouse: 2,000 m2

Weighing Area
Maintenance Workshop
Laboratory quality control
Washing area

Administrative Offices
Loading and unloading

Starting operations in 1997, A&N is one of the oldest co-manufacturer in México. In 2000 we begin the biggest stage of growth together with moving to the plant to Lerma, in Mexico State.
By that time, A&N manages to position itself as a well-known company for its high quality as a manufacturing industry.
At present with new capital and investors we are experiencing sustained growth thanks to certifications that guarantee our safety in food production; these allow us to be the best choice for our business partners.